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You can call into NPSTN from the PSTN by dialing +1 (406) 957-1122. You can then dial one of the phone numbers in the member list!
Want a number? Click on the button at the top of the screen that says 'Join NPSTN' or call +1 (406) 957-1122 (or any other PSTN Gateway Number) and dial 116 for the business office.

Due to server issues currently some gateways are down. (530) 537-0261 is a known good gateway. This will be fixed in a few days 11/25/20

-- PSTN Gateways --

US: +1 (406) 957-1122 (Terry, MT)
US: +1 (406) 957-1515 (Terry, MT) (Over SF Trunk)
US: +1 (530) 537-0261 (Auburn, CA)
US: +1 (346) 241-1657 (Houston, TX)
UK: +44 (0) 560 386 9932 (UK - Main)
AU: +61 2 8294 8294 (Australia - Main)

NPSTN is currently in need of donations, 100% of your donation covers server costs and other network related expenses.

Looking for a VPS to host your Asterisk server? We recommend using Digital Ocean's $5 per month Droplet, which is very affordable and reliable. You can sign up using our referral link if you aren't already a member, and we'll both get some free credit! Thanks for keeping our costs low, so we can work on more cool projects for you!

Want to talk about vintage telephones, VoIP, NPSTN, Phreaking and more? Join us on our NPSTN Discord chatroom with over 200 NPSTN users today!

E-Mail [email protected] for an invite link or use the Contact form above!


For anyone wanting to upload any entries in the directory list please visit: User Control Panel

NOTE — NPSTN is a free unique telephone collectors' network. NPSTN has a "billing" functionality that is purely for fun. The idea is to show you all the calls you make on NPSTN and what they would have cost back in the day. The bill is for fun, and you are not actually charged anything. NPSTN is and always will be 100% free.

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