Network Status

CLLILast Call (UTC)CityState†# CallsStepNet Tandem?
NPSTNNA012021-01-23 03:35:13WaukeshaWI25147Yes
NPSTNSCPA012021-01-23 02:08:16ColumbusOH7833
NPSTNHTX012021-01-23 02:08:16HoustonTX166Yes
NPSTNTHOKCA012021-01-23 01:48:24Thousand OaksCA192
NPSTNMS02021-01-23 01:33:25Las VegasNV13936Yes
NPSTNSOKY012021-01-23 01:12:14Bowling GreenKT300
NPSTNRRNM012021-01-22 20:07:26Rio RanchoNM273
NPSTNLACA02T2021-01-22 19:41:10BluefieldWV193
NPSTNCFL032021-01-22 10:21:25LeesburgFL79
NPSTNSIMD01T2021-01-22 06:05:52St InigoesMD309
NPSTNCFL012021-01-22 01:06:07Winter SpringsFL5021Yes
NPSTNAUSY012021-01-20 10:17:55North SydneyAU1225
NPSTNRIRNNM02021-01-20 03:54:33Rio RanchoNM378
NPSTNCLLI02021-01-20 01:06:13BranchvilleNJ245
NPSTNBTDS02021-01-19 03:07:56Land O' LakesFL407
NPSTNSFCAAX012021-01-17 09:07:08Daly CityCA104
NPSTNCOH012021-01-06 01:29:12ColumbusOH199
NPSTNAUS002020-12-31 21:32:40BraidwoodAU66
NPSTNNYOC12020-12-27 19:51:33New WindsorNY23
NPSTNUKLC2020-12-02 01:13:37LincolnUK437
NPSTNSEPA012020-08-28 17:58:53PhiladelphiaPA112
NPSTNRGNSK012020-07-03 03:20:15ReginaSK4
NPSTNZIN012020-05-31 01:17:22ZionsvilleIN108
NPSTNNCHI012020-03-05 01:09:01ChicagoIL9

† Or country

PSTN Gateways

US: +1 (406) 957-1122 (Terry, MT)
US: +1 (213) 896-7570 (Los Angeles, CA - Zone 1)
US: +1 (346) 385-5200 (Houston, TX)
US: +1 (646) 813-3411 (New York City, NY)
US: +1 (813) 377-2360 (Zephyrhills, FL)
UK: +44 (0) 020 7855 2563 (UK - London)
UK: +44 (0) 560 386 9932 (UK - Main)
AU: +61 2 8294 8294 (Australia - Main)

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NPSTN is currently in need of donations, 100% of which cover server costs and other network related expenses. All time is volunteered by our administration team and community.

For anyone wanting to upload any entries in the directory list please visit the User Control Panel.

Check out This is a Recording or Evan Doorbell Recordings if you need intercept messages and audio prompts!

NOTE — NPSTN is a free unique telephone collectors' network. NPSTN has a "billing" functionality that is purely for fun. The idea is to show you all the calls you make on NPSTN and what they would have cost back in the day. The bill is for fun, and you are not actually charged anything. NPSTN is and always will be 100% free.

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